Love your job or your co-worker – or maybe love the dogs, your best clients

Everyone, it seems, loves something or someone at their job.
You read that right: Love is all around us during our work days, whether we acknowledge it or not. So if you do not want to read one of those sweet, sexy, seasonal Valentine’s Day Posts, skip this one and come back later in the week. Otherwise, read on for more on office love, trysts and sought-after jobs.
Despite layoffs, bigger workloads and grumpy bosses, more than half of American workers say they love their jobs, according to a Randstad online survey of 1,008 adults who have full- or part-time gigs. Two-thirds of them report it’s the work itself that makes their jobs wonderful. Those who hate their jobs are more divided on reasons: the job, the pay and their employer were all cited equally.
If you’re not feeling the love just yet, maybe these facts, gleaned from a variety of surveys and sources, will warm you up:

  • Four in ten people say they’ve experienced an office romance, according to an American Management Association survey of members. Almost one-third of them ended up married to their coworker. Another four in ten say their fling finished fast.
  • Almost a quarter of men say they’ve had an office fling compared to only 15 percent of women, according to’s annual survey. I guess those ladies must be going into overtime on office romances.
  • Nearly one in ten workers currently have identified a colleague they’d like to date, the same amount who  asked out someone in the last year, according to’s annual office romance survey.
  • Only about half of the AMA members polled say they have a written dating policy, and most forbid dating someone at a higher or lower level than you. One-fourth of those in the Vault survey say they dated someone below them at their organization, and almost one-in-five have dated a boss.
  • One-third of the 2,000 people who answered Vault’s poll say they’ve experienced a “romantic encounter” in the office. Whether this means a kiss in the copier room or something more erotic, we don’t know.
  • More than one-third of those who have a ‘work-spouse’ discuss their at-home sex lives with that person, according to a Captivate Networks Office Pulse survey.  Captivate’s survey of 600 also indicates that one-tenth of workers ended up in a romantic or sexual relationship with their ‘work-spouses.’
  • Jobs we’d most love to have:  Simply Hired says the top five clicked on job titles are administrative assistant, customer service representative, receptionist, project manager and material handler. The most searched keywords include part-time, internship and sales..
  • * Some jobs have love written into their descriptions. In the government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, only a handful – veterinarians and animal care workers, counselors and psychologists – have love in their listing. Most require a love of animals.

The real message here:  Money doesn’t bring us love.  Pay may be a crucial reason to work, but it doesn’t mean we’re happier in our jobs. That comes from work we adore, a great friend at work, a dog at our feet or a lover in the next cubicle.

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